Wednesday, January 25, 2012

works in progress..

Well... I can safely say that nothing is getting done around here.

I'm beginning to think I need a project board to keep all of my projects in line.  I keep coming across random knick knacks and saying to myself "ohhh yeah... I bought that to make (insert one of 30 craft ideas here)".  The only thing I've been working on consistently is my "doggy quilt", and well... let's just say I've come across a few obstacles. furry white obstacle particularly comes to mind.

I'm not sure when Mocha started claiming everything as hers, but apparently I'm no longer entitled to the material I'm planning to use as the quilt binding.

In other news, I've decided to redecorate my room, because it's seriously starting to depress me how incredibly pathetic it looks.  The problem is that I agreed to take the smallest room in the house, and I have the biggest bed... so you can just imagine all the clutter I have to navigate through.  It's time I did something about it.  I'm in dire need of:
  • Shelves (LOTS of shelves)
  • A small desk lamp or a wall hanging lamp to replace the gigantic floor one I currently have (why do I have so much big furniture in such a small room?!)
  • Cheerful decorative pillows (even my bed looks sad)
  • Decorations that will make me want to be in my room
I'm gathering a bunch of ideas from various blogs, and I'm actually very excited about it.

....I'm guessing I won't get much done until after Valentine's Day, though... because Valentine's crafts are just simply too tempting. :)

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