Tuesday, January 31, 2012

office daze

About a year ago while I was cleaning out some of the desks in our office, I discovered a package of construction paper.  It's almost sad how excited I got over this discovery.  Since then, I've been using it for various "projects" and decorations for different occasions.  It's always kind of a fun challenge to see what things I can make with just the supplies we have here.  

Every now and then, I'll whip up something quick while I'm waiting for documents to load or when I'm on hold during a call.  It's never anything spectacular, but it keeps me busy, and keeps me happy. :)

Today I got a small jump start on valentine's day decorations by making a small banner.  Unfortunately, one of the tools we don't have (but always need) is a ruler, so I always have to cut things by freehand.

And since you can't tell what the heck that is from far away, here it is a bit closer:

Just a quick "happy valentines day" banner using red and white paper and some string we had left over.

But my favorite part is what I did with the scraps of red and white paper I had:

One of the perks of having your girlfriend working at the same office is that she makes you pretty things :).  I love that you can see his reflection in the framed photo of us.  And I love how the flowers came out.  Better than I thought they would, especially considering I only had a glue stick to work with (note to self... keep hot glue gun in purse at all times!)

[sorry for the terrible photos.  I don't bring my camera to work, so I improvised with my phone.... it goes along with the whole use-what-you-can-find-in-the-office theme, I guess. ;) ]

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