Thursday, February 23, 2012

polka-dotted flower {pillow}

What a week!

How is it that when things break down, everything breaks down at once?  The cell phone was a bummer.  The internet was a bother.  But my car really put me over my stress limit.

Murphy's law, am I right?

Anyways, to cheer myself up I've been doing more crafting that usual, but as you know, I tend to do everything at once, so everything's anywhere from "just started" to "one more stitch and I'll be done".  Except this... I managed to somehow finish this:

Hello, happy green polka-dotted flowery pillow!

I'm kind of a little obsessed with yellow, green, and orange, and I go a little nuts over polka dots, so this definitely brought all of my happy things together.  It's almost like I don't even care that I currently don't have a working car!  Almost.

The pillow has a yellow binding around it, and I chose different shades of yellow and orange for the different flowers:

So yes, life is a bit stressful right now (I forgot a jacket on the way to work yesterday and almost burst out crying, that's how stressed I am!), but at least I feel a little bit accomplished in something.

On a related note... if I come home and something has happened to this pillow, I think I'll completely lose it. :P

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